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100% recommend to anyone

Our 2 yr old Siberian Husky, Oakley just finished his 2 week board & training program with our trainer! My Fiancé & I are so amazed with the results, absolutely life changing! Brittany was an amazing trainer! She went above & beyond, we couldn’t be happier. We had an amazing experience with Off Leash K9 & would %100 recommend to anyone.

Cedez A.  // Verified Google Review

Words can not describe how thankful I am!

I was at my whit’s end. I love my pups as I would a child so when my pitbull pup ATE my door and flooring in my bedroom i was at a loss. My boyfriend and it both work long days and that also lead to seperation anxiety. The dog I brought back home is a completely diffrent dog (still a little ball of crazy) but she stays off the counters when I tell her to stop or ” off” she listens every single time. I can not express my graditude to my trainer (sorry hope I spelled that right) she gave her baths cut her nails loved her like my dog was her own. all while molding her into a good girl I can trust. She even went above and beyond when I asked if she could would have my pup around other dogs to teach her manners. My dog fell in love with her own dog shadow. It made my heart so happy to see her so loved and taken care of! Words can not describe how thankful I am!

Kaylin S.  // Verified Google Review

Wow!!! I can’t say enough amazing things

Wow!!! I can’t say enough amazing things about this program and our trainer!!! We did the 2 week board and train for our 5 month old shepherd! She is still her sweet sassy self but so well trained!! Shannon was so responsive and updated us daily! Rogue loved her and so did we!!
Bethany G.   // Verified Google Review

100% Completely Satisfied

Just finished the 4 week basic obedience class with our trainer and am 100% completely satisfied. My puppy Mango is a completely different dog now. Our Trainer is very flexible with the times and answers any questions that you have and even though each session is a training session, my puppy completely loves her and looks forward to it each week. At first I was a little hesitant signing up for the class because I didn’t think it was possible to do so much in so little time but I was completely wrong. The class if fully worth the price! I will say though to get the most out of the class, you have to continue to practice with your dog at home every day. Looking forward to the next 4 weeks for our advanced lessons.

Joydip J.  // Verified Google Review


My dog Cooper just completed a 2 week board and train with Off Leash K9 training. Our trainer was Cooper’s trainer. She was excellent! She provided me with daily updates and showed Cooper all the love that I would expect from someone that dedicates their life to training animals. The progress Cooper made in his 2 weeks was utterly amazing. He went from pulling when on his leash to being able to heel while we walk. He will now stay in a command like down or sit until I release him. But while not in training mode, he is the same silly lovable puppy that he has always been. I honestly can’t thank our trainer and Off Leash K9 training enough.

Karl S.  // Verified Google Review

Better Trained

Just finished the 8 week basic and advanced training for our boxer puppy, Lulu. I wish I had known about ecollar training two dogs ago! I had put in hours of positive reward based training, but I don’t believe I would have the dog I have now without coming to Off Leash and working with our trainer. Our 6 month old puppy is now better trained than most mature dogs in our neighborhood.


Erin E.   // Verified Google Review

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